Ballot Propositions

My opinions on the Ballot Propositions are as follows:

State Ballot Measures:

Proposition 51 – NO – $9 Billion School Bond

Yet another bond to add to our growing state’s debt! This should not be a state issue.

Proposition 52 – NO – State Hospital Assurance Fee

This “fee” was set to sunset at the end of 2017, but Prop 52 memorializes a tax, disguised as a “FEE,” into our state’s constitution!

Proposition 53 – YES – Voter Approval of Revenue Bonds

The state legislature should not be able to add to the state’s debt without first letting the people of the state, who will be on the hook to pay for it, decide.

Proposition 54 – YES – Legislative Transparency

This insures that the people of the state KNOW what their elected officials are legislating before those votes are cast.

Proposition 55 – NO – Personal Income Tax Extension

We are already the highest taxed state in the state and this additional tax on the wealthiest residents is just driving the tax base OUT of the state.

Proposition 56 – NO – Cigarette Tax

This is sold as trying to get people to quit smoking but in reality it’s just another tax grab! And the $1.4 billion in new taxes will do nothing to help people quit!

Proposition 57 – YES – Parole for non-violent felons

This returns the decision on juveniles being tried as adults back to the judges where it belongs. No one will be just let out of prison, they are simply eligible for early parole but will still have to go through the existing parole process.

Proposition 58 – NO – English Learner; Repeal of Proposition 227

Proposition 227, passed by huge majority in 1998 and has since shown that English Learner students have excelled by being fully proficient in English at an early age. Proposition 58 will repeal Proposition 227 and take away the rights of the parents to decide how to best educate their children; it will instead leave all the decisions to the school administrators.

Proposition 59 – NO – Advisory Vote on Citizens United

This is nothing more than a symbolic measure to say “We the people of California” don’t agree with the Supreme Court of the United States. It will do nothing to change the ruling.

Proposition 60 – NO – Condoms Required for Adult Films

The state should have no input into how private film makers and actors do business. The only thing this measure will insure is that yet another industry leaves California for Nevada.

Proposition 61 – NO – State Prescription Drug Pricing

The state has no right to tell private industry how best to do business. In addition, the only thing that will likely come out of this is that prescription prices raise for individuals as well as pricing negotiated by the VA.

Proposition 62 – YES – End the Death Penalty in California

In my opinion I don’t believe that the state should be put in the position as executioner. Further, the court costs and costs associated with housing Death Row inmates is huge financial burden.

Proposition 63 – NO – Extensive new gun control measures

The residents of California have a Constitutional right to decide how best to defend themselves, families and communities. This is yet another attempt to circumvent the 2nd Amendment.

Proposition 64 – NO – Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA)

Although I am a huge proponent for legalization/decriminalization of Marijuana, this is a poorly written law. It adds several layers of taxation and regulations and all but repeals Proposition 215, Medical Marijuana.

Proposition 65 – NO – Grocery and retail carry-out bags

Retail stores should be able to provide or sell bags without being required to fund a state agency.

Proposition 66 – NO – Death penalty procedures

Although some crimes have sufficient and compelling evidence on the guilt of the accused, but in some cases this just isn’t the case. People believe that all cases are like episodes of “CSI” but that just isn’t the case. Before an individual is put to death there must be NO possibility of innocence therefore this attempt to streamline the appeals process would infringe upon the individual’s due process.

Proposition 67 – NO – Ratifies Prohibition on plastic single-use carryout bags

A retail establishment should be free to provide any type of carryout bag to its customers. There is no compelling evidence that the ban has made any appreciable changes to pollution in the state, since these bags are still available for purchase in other outlets.

***Note: The Libertarian Party State Executive Committee met on August 6, 2016 and one of the agenda items was to take positions on the November ballot propositions. I concur with their opinions on all the measures with the exception of Proposition 59 which they took no position and I am against.***

Los Angeles County Measures

Measure A – NO – Clean Parks

This is an extension on a temporary tax that is set to expire.

Measure M – NO – Transportation

This is an additional 0.5% sales tax for something we are already paying for!

Long Beach City Measures

Measure E – NO – School Bond

Measure MA – NO – Marijuana Tax

Measure MM – YES – Medical Marijuana

This is an additional 0.5% sales tax for something we are already paying for!